How to add shoulder flutter to the Agnes dress pattern

How to add shoulder flutter to the Agnes dress pattern

Guest blogger today is Josefine (@elvillebarnklader). She had an idea for a cute modification of the Agnes dress and offered to make a tutorial, how awesome! 


In this blog post I'll be showing you an easy modification of the Agnes dress pattern, to sew it with shoulder flutter. The flutter piece is taken from the free pattern Ester & Ebbe.

It's getting warmer out and spring is here for real! That makes me very excited to update the kids' summer wardrobes. Agnes is such a beautiful dress pattern with gorgeous details. Both me and my daughter especially love the pretty cut outs on the bodice.

I love mixing patterns and had an idea to add flutter on the shoulder to get one more pretty detail. With just a few simple steps you can add flutter too and I'll show you how I did it!

I chose to add the flutters to the sleeveless Agnes (variant A).

Here I've cut the flutters from the Ester & Ebbe pattern. I've already sewn the gathering stitches (steps 6 and 6b in Ester & Ebbe's sewing instructions edition 2018, or step 9 in the sewing instructions from 2020) and I've hemmed the flutters. 

The bodice is sewn as far as up to step 5 in Agnes' sewing instructions. Now let's attach the flutters!


Place the flutter on the bodice's sleeve curve, right sides together. Pin or clip. Remember to make sure both flutters are equally long and goes from the same point on the front to the same point on the back. Measure to double check.


Place the armhole binding (pattern piece 6) on top of the flutter, wrong side down. Remember to let it continue for 3 cm on each end. Don't stretch the binding. Sew with 1 cm seam allowance.


Follow steps 2-3 in the Agnes sewing instructions to attach the binding. Below you can see how it looks from the wrong side and the right side.

The modification is all done! Continue sewing the rest of your Agnes dress according to the pattern's instructions.

Here's the final result of my dress:

I hope you're inspired! Good luck!