A clarification on how to sew Ebba

A clarification on how to sew Ebba

A customer reached out the other day and asked about one of the steps in sewing Ebba. It was step 2 in the sewing instructions and she was feeling unsure about where to sew. 

I realised she would probably not be the only one to wonder about that so I decided to put out a clarification here.

So this is for step 2 in sewing Ebba (or Kids' Ebba).  

Step 2

In step 2 you pin the sleeve panels to the back piece + sleeves, and you're ready to sew.

With the close-up picture below (which is also in the sewing instructions) I wanted to show how to match and pin the sleeve panel.
But I have now added markings on the picture to also show you where to sew:
Further instructions for this step is of course provided in the Sewing Instructions. Here I just wanted to clarify that you're supposed to sew a straight line along the sleeve panel.
You should not turn at the top of the neckline. Sewing like in this picture below would be wrong:
I hope this helps! :)