Size guide

Choose your size based on your body measurements. Compare with the finished measurements to get an idea of how Caroline is designed to fit. Caroline has a relaxed and loose fit but will feel different depending on your fabric choice. Personally I love this relaxed pattern when sewn both in knit and woven fabrics, whether they are drapey or stable. If you want a less loose fit, you can size down 1 size if using wovens, and 1-2 sizes down if you’ve got knits.

Like all my other women’s patterns, the Caroline is designed for a B cup size. You can find your sewing cup size (not the same as bra cup size) by measuring your upper bust and full bust. If full bust minus upper bust is 5 cm (2”), you have a B cup. Read more on my website. During the pattern test we could see that the Caroline fits beautifully also on testers with an A cup or C cup.