Kids' Ebba sweatshirt

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Sizes: EUR 74-152.

Scroll down for size chart and info on fabric & supplies.

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Kids’ Ebba is a sweatshirt in a loose and comfortable fit. It is the kids’ version of the women’s pattern Ebba. The sweatshirt is sewn with a collar and zipper that extends about halfway down. You can also sew a neckband instead.

The sweatshirt can be finished in 3 ways: with a waistband; hemmed; or hemmed with a drawstring. The two hemmed versions are somewhat cropped.

Ebba can be sewn in knit fabrics, preferable medium to medium heavy weight. Think college / french terry, fleece, knit jacquard, ponte or similar fabrics.

But one of the awesome things about Ebba is that you can also make it in wovens! Fabrics without any stretch at all. And thanks to the generous fit, Ebba can also be worn as light outerwear.

Skill level: 2/3 (Level guide).


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Delivered instantly upon purchase to your e-mail address. This PDF-pattern includes three pattern formats:

  • A4/letter size for home printing, 17 pages. Layered.
  • Projector format, layered.
  • A0 size for copy shop printing, 1 sheet. Layered.

The Sewing instructions are also included as a PDF-file, 34 pages.


Only available in Swedish. The Ebba pattern is printed and packaged in our new, updated format! The pattern sheet is printed in color on high-quality 70 g paper that is durable and can be used many times over. The sewing instructions are also color-printed, on 130 g paper. It's a booklet in A5-size, 32 pages. The pattern and booklet are packaged in a beautiful envelope you can save and store your pattern in.


Only available in Swedish. You'll receive both formats. The PDF pattern is delivered to your email, and the printed pattern shipped to your address.


  • Knit fabric in medium to medium heavy weight (approx. 200-340 g/m2), for example college, french terry, sweatshirt, knit jacquard, ponte di roma and fleece. The fabric should have good recovery, meaning that if you stretch it and then let go, it will return to its original width. Alternatively woven fabric without stretch (only if you’re sewing Ebba with a zipper), light to medium weight (approx. 110-270 g/m2). But still, one would also need ribbing fabric (see below).

  • Ribbing fabric  (or other knit fabric with very good stretch and recovery), with 70-80% stretch, for the sleeve cuffs and neckband.

  • Non-separating zipper, see length below. It’s okay to use a longer zipper, you can cut it off to the correct length.

The fabric requirements above is an estimation for 150 cm (60”) wide fabrics, not preshrunk. I recommend you to add 20 cm (8”) extra if you’re purchasing new fabric for this project, and account for shrinkage. The ribbing fabric is for sleeve cuffs, neckband and waistband, although the waistband can also be sewn in any other knit fabric.


  • Fusible interfacing for the collar and zipper. I recommend Vlieseline H200, which is soft and provides light stability. You will need about 20 cm. The chart on the previous page shows how much interfacing you’ll need for the zipper (the width there is 2 cm). You’ll also need about 8 cm in length and 45 cm in width for the collar.

  • If you want to finish the lower edge with a drawstring: one double cord lock and elastic cord, 2-3 mm thick and approx. length: the sweatshirt’s waist width + 8 cm. Also, two eyelets, 5 mm wide, and tools to attach them (for example Prym pliers).

  • Optional: bias tape (approx. 30 cm) to sew a neat finish on the zipper’s back.

  • Useful tools: Aqua glue marker, tape measure, fabric scissors, pins/clips, iron, sewing machine with coordinating thread and suitable needle for your fabric (a stretch needle is recommended for knit fabrics, and universal needle for woven fabrics).

Ebba has a loose fit which is more oversize in the larger sizes, and more like a regular sweatshirt fit in the smallest sizes. Compare the measurements chart with the finished measurements to get an idea of the sweatshirt’s fit.

Choose size based on the child’s height, but also keep chest width and waist width in mind. It’s okay if the child’s width is a size smaller or larger than the height. But if the child is very slim, 2 or more sizes smaller in width than height, I recommend blending sizes. I describe 2 methods to do this in the coming pages.

The fabric can be with or without stretch. The more stretch your fabric has, the larger the sweatshirt will be. If you’re sewing Ebba in woven fabrics you don’t have to size up if you’re making about size 110 and up. But if you’re sewing the smallest sizes, you should consider sizing up, since the pattern has less ease in the smaller sizes.

METRIC MEASUREMENTS: (Scroll down for imperial units).

With the included Sewing Instructions you receive help from start to finish. It’s a solid and detailed description of each step in the making of this garment. It includes clear pictures, explanatory text and tips that will give the garment a professional look.

If you are new to some of the sewing techniques this is an excellent opportunity for you to develop your sewing skills. Consider our patterns your sewing school.

The tutorial also includes a size chart and a fabric requirements chart. Measurements are provided in both the metric and imperial system.

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Helena Olausson
Superfint mönster

Har bara hunnit sy en tröja till barnbarnet och jag tycker verkligen om mönstret och tösen tyckte tröjan var cool 👌 blir fler framöver

Maria Skytt

Super bra mönster med jätte bra passform. Min nya favorit till dottern 🥰

Så fint att höra att du är nöjd med mönstret och passformen :) Tack!

Gunilla Lindberg
Bästa mönstret!

Kanonmönster med mycket bra passform 😀

Underbart att höra Gunilla! Jag blir så glad att du gillar mönstret! :)