Women's Alice without the front hem knot

Women's Alice without the front hem knot

Before the Sewing and Crafts Fair in Stockholm a few weeks ago I sewed 4 new Women's Alice tops for myself. I made them without the sleeve and also sewed three of them without the front hem knot. This could also be done with the children's version of the Alice top and dress

The top is kind of short, but that's how I prefer it. I'm comfortable wearing high-waisted jeans and pants and then an Alice without the knot is perfect as a tuck-in top. 

If you're worried the top will be too short, or not short enough, I recommend you to measure a top from your wardrobe that you're happy with lengthwise and compare. 

Furthest to the left is a top sewn according to the pattern, with split front piece and a front hem knot. I sewed it in striped jersey from Tygdrömmar. Then I also made three simplified tops, all are sewn without the knot and with a whole front piece*. First, a top in leo-patterned jersey from Wcollection. Then a top in leo-patterned woven viscose from Stoff & Stil. And lastly, a top in flower-patterned college (french terry) from Elvelyckan Design

(*Remember that if you want to sew a whole front piece you will cut it on the fold, and also remove 1 cm seam allowance along center front, more info in the pattern and tutorial). 

So below is the Women's Alice sewn according to the pattern. The Women's Alice is designed to be a bit oversize but to make it just a bit smaller I sized down to 36 instead of 38 which I should have chosen according to the size chart. So all four tops are sewn in size 36, and all are sewn with a neckline binding.



How I sewed Alice without the knot

I just folded up the knot end from the front piece pattern. I folded along the black line in my illustration below and cut the fabric there. 

I tried a few different variants regarding the length of the top. The left below is sewn according to the curve on the front and back pieces. On the one to the right I removed a little bit of length from the back piece. 


With the top below I made the front and back pieces straight. It turned out great and this is actually one of my favourite Women's Alice tops. The other favourite is the one sewn in woven viscose, I love Women's Alice in a light-weight woven fabric! 


Finally I just have to add my favourite picture form this little photo session :) While my hubby was photographing suddenly our youngest daughter came out dressed as a giraffe and hugged me :) Guess she wanted to be in the photo too!