Wilma & Wide pattern hack

Wilma & Wide pattern hack

Once again we are lucky to publish a blog post from our guest blogger Charlotte! She shares photos and a description on how she hacked our pattern Wilma & Wide jacket and made this awesome sweater. 


I've always hesitated to sew zippers, and despite having sewn a few now I'm always just as nervous. So why not challenge myself a bit? With Caroline's awesome tutorial my first Wilma & Wide jacket turned out really great so now I was ready to make a variation on the pattern. With a front cut on the fold and with a shorter closed-end zipper. (This is in size 98).

For starters I cut the front piece on the fold, and a kangaroo pocket also on the fold, so that my little guy could collect stones and other things a three year old finds exciting.  

On the front piece I measured and marked where to place my zipper. Here's how you could calculate how far down to mark the zipper:

My zipper is 16 cm long. The collar in my size is 4,6 cm tall (just measure your collar piece and remove 2 cm seam allowance). 16-4,6 = 12,6. 1 cm seam allowance will be sewn away from the neckline of the front, so add that 1 cm to 12,6 = 13,6. So 13,6 cm is how far I measured down from the center front. 

I also sewed together the front with the sleeves and the back. After that I cut a straight line right at center front, all the way down to 1 cm (3/8") before the marking I'd made. The last centimeter I cut two diagonal cuts. 

I also cut a zipper facing at a proper length for my zipper, sewed on the collar and thereafter the zipper and facing the same was as in the tutorial that's included for the Wilma & Wide pattern.

At last I topstitched around the zipper, both for a decorative look but also to attach it under the bottom stop. But make sure not to attach the zipper facing on the other side of the zipper. 

With the zipper in place I could continue sewing the rest of the sweater, as in the tutorial, together with the kangaroo pocket.

I'm sure he will use this sweater a lot this autumn. It was warm and cosy, his words, and he didn't want to take it off when we went inside. That's the best grade it could get!



Thank you so much Charlotte for this blog post! I for one feel very inspired! Check out Charlottes instagram page for more inspiration.

And find the sewing pattern Wilma & Wide here.