Wilma & Wide in softshell fabric

Wilma & Wide in softshell fabric

We've received a few questions if the Wilma & Wide jacket can be sewn in softshell fabric (or other non-stretch fabrics). So let's dig into that! 

Wilma & Wide is designed for fleece (or similar) fabrics with 10-40% stretch. (The pattern includes a stretch guide). Therefore those are the fabrics we recommend. Those are also the kind of fabrics that our 30+ testers used during the pattern test and we feel confident saying those fabrics are perfect for this pattern.

Here's a jacket sewn in a softshell fabric that has no stretch, a fleece backing, and a weight of 260 g/m2. As you can see, I could successfully use softshell fabric for Wilma & Wide, the fit is spot on! And she can definitely move around, jump and play.

But since we didn't design this pattern with non-stretch fabrics in mind, and haven't conducted a thorough pattern test for non-stretch fabrics, then we still recommend fleece fabrics with 10-40% stretch.



I chose size 122 for this girl. Like most of us her measurements don't all point to the same size although i sewed a straight 122 anyway, without any modifications. She is 120 cm tall. Her chest width is 60 cm (size 116) and waist width is also 60 cm (size 134). 

(She is wearing a t-shirt and cardigan underneath).

With this jacket I also chose to add some reflective details on the front, back and sleeves. Oh, and do you like the zipper? It's from YKK and one of the awesome zippers we sell in our shop.

Have you sewn Wilma & Wide in softshell or other non-stretch fabrics? You're welcome to comment below and share your experience :)