Sew a "Victolivia"

Sew a "Victolivia"

The sewing pattern Victoria has a dress variant with a half circle skirt. But perhaps you'd rather sew a full circle skirt? Then you can combine Victoria with the sewing pattern Olivia, which has a full circle skirt.

With this dress I sewed Victoria's bodice without back buttons.

In the chart below you can see which sizes are compatible, so that the pattern pieces will fit together.

Up to size 110 the measurements are similar and you can use the same size for Olivia as for Victoria, but from size 116 and up you'll need to use a larger size on Olivia for the pattern pieces to fit. 

If you're for example sewing a Victoria in size 134, you need to combine it with size 146 on the Olivia skirt. You could then also shorten the length of the skirt to size 134. 

If you'd like to hem the Olivia skirt with horsehair braid, like I did with this flowery blue one, be prepared to use more horsehair braid than you would if using the Victoria skirt.

Oh, and this stunning blue jersey fabric is from Swedish fabric shop Vintage in my Heart.