Get ready to sew Sally tote bags

Get ready to sew Sally tote bags

Here's my new Sally tote bag pattern! I wanted to share with you my fabric and interlining choices, and I hope that will make it easier for you to plan your own bags.

I'm starting with variant A, my gift bags. Variant A is one of my free patterns, available for all newsletter subscribers. Scroll down to also see variant B and C, the large tote bags with handles and inside pockets. With the complete Sally pattern, all variants are included.

Variant A, small

For this one, I used corduroy for the outer bag, and double gauze for the lining. I used the same interlining on all pieces (outer and lining), Vlieseline H250.

Variant A, medium 

A Sally bag, variant A, in size medium. Canvas fabric from See you at Six fabrics for the outer bag. I used no interlining on it. For the lining I chose a pink college fabric and interlining G700 which is excellent for removing the stretch.

Variant A, large 

Sewn with a green velvet fabric for the outer bag, no interlining. And a beige college fabric (from Tygdrömmar) for the lining. I used Vlieseline S320 on the lining pieces. 

Variant A, medium 

I've re-purposed some second hand fabrics for this bag. I found them at Erikshjälpen second hand store. I used the same fabric, an old curtain, for both the outer fabric and the lining. No interlining was used for this bag.

Loved making this bag! The old curtains were probably handmade sometime by someone creative :)   

Variant A, medium 

So I wanted to make a bag in knit fabrics too. The outer fabric is jersey and the lining is college / french terry. I used H200 interlining on the lining, and H250 on the outer fabric. 


Variant B

This outer fabric has been on my fabric shelf for years and I loved finally making something with it! It's a heavy outer-wear fabric in a polyester/wool mix. I interlined it with Vlieseline H640, which is a volume fleece. 

My lining (and pockets) fabric is an unknown light cotton/linen fabric. I interlined the lining with Vlieseline S320. 

I interlined the pockets with Vlieseline H200. 


Variant B

Only re-purposed fabrics were used for this bag! I found the outer fabric, it used to be a tablecloth, at Erikshjälpen second hand store. The lining fabric from the same place, also used to be a tablecloth. 

Both fabrics were about medium-weight. I interlined the outer fabric with Vlieseline H640. And I interlined the lining with G700, which is very light-weight. 

All pocket pieces were interlined with H200, and the handles with H640. 


Variant C

How about this gorgeous faux leather bag! The outer fabric is, like I said, faux leather. The lining (and pockets) fabric is a light weight cotton. 

This bag has a divider pocket (interlined with S320), a laptop pocket (interlined with Style-Vil, a foam interlining which has great padding), and a zipper pocket.  

I didn't use any interlining on the outer fabric. The faux leather was quite heavy and stable.


Variant C

I sewed this bag for my Threads+ online sewing courses, so you can see the full making of this bag there. I color-blocked the outer bag, using Oxford on the lower part, a heavy-weight, water resistent fabric. And a quilted fabric on the upper part of the bag. 

Fusible interlinings didn't work on either so I had to use sew-in interlining: Style-Vil on the Oxford fabric, and M12 on the quilted. 

I used a light-weight cotton fabric for the lining, interlined with S320. 

The zipper pocket was interlined with G700, and the cargo pockets with S320.


Ready to make your own Sally bags?

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For the full Sally pattern, including variants A, B and C - purchase your PDF or printed pattern here


Also, check out this gorgeous Sally bag sewn by @baralitetill

This is variant C. She used upholstery fabric for the outer. It was quite heavy so she didn't use interlining on it. The lining is a light-weight cotton, interlined with a volume fleece. 


And a couple of lovely bags sewn by @by_flock

This is variant B. She used a vintage sating fabric that she quilted with batting in between. No interlining. And her lining fabric is a light-weight cotton.

And for this bag, variant C, she used faux leather for the outer fabric, with no interlining. The lining fabric is a cotton fabric, interlined with fusible medium-weight interlining. 

And check this one out! Beautifully made by @elvillebarnklader

This is variant C, a large tote bag. She used upholstery fabric for the outer bag, double gauze for the lining, and Vliseline H250 to interline it.


And last but not least, a couple of beautiful Sally bags sewn by @trio_med_bus

This is variant B, a large tote bag with drawstring closure. Charlotte is using it for her knitting.

She used canvas for outer fabric and a light weight cotton for the lining. All pieces were interlined with Vlieseline G700.


And here's a bag in variant C that she sewed for her daughter, who got to choose fabrics: faux leather and woven cotton. She used different interlinings for different pieces: H630, G700 and H250.