Lilly & Liam tester pics

Lilly & Liam tester pics

It's high time to show you what some of our testers made with the Lilly & Liam pattern! They have done a great job! Seeing their great photos kind of make me want to sit down and make 10 more sweaters :)

Several of the testers have more images on their instagram pages, check them out! 

This beautiful peplum sweater in college was sewn by liljekonvaljdesign!

@trio_med_bus made this awesome sweater!

Here's another peplum sweater, with short sleeves, made by @leissadesign.


Here's another lovely sweater, with the waist cuff and split front bodice. Sewn by @iderik_design!

This beautiful peplum sweater in french terry was sewn by @pajzingdesign!

Look at this cute one! Made by @lillaedesign!


Here's a super cool version, sewn by @madebysmedberg!

Time for another peplum sweater, this gorgeous one is made by @avidarand!

@virvelvi sewed these beautiful sweaters! 

And this one was made by @syttavkristin! Awesome!


And here's two peplum sweaters, both made by! Super nice both with and without hood. 


@ateljeklingetorp made these three lovely sweaters!



And here are a couple of the ones made by @kalasfinbyaffe! Beautiful!

Get the Lilly & Liam pattern here!