Proud ambassador of Janome & BabyLock

Proud ambassador of Janome & BabyLock

I'm so proud and honoured to tell you that we're now an ambassador of Janome and BabyLock! Let me tell you why these brands :)


A couple of years ago I needed to invest in a new sewing machine and after some reading I decided to buy the Janome Skyline S5. It had gotten really great reviews and Janome had a reputation for making reliable and high quality sewing machines. And I've been so happy with it! A few months after that I needed to buy a coverstitch and the choice fell on the Janome CoverPro 2000CPX

I feel that both machines have been fun to work with and reliable. My CoverPro has been more difficult to learn, for me anyway. I felt that I needed to invest more time in learning how to use it, but I think that applies to most covers in general if you don't have previous experience in that type of machine. Once I'd learned to use it, I felt that it was so easy to use. 

My sewing machine Skyline S5 is just wonderful. There are so many options and opportunities with it, with different seams and functionalities. Sewing has been a breeze in anything from light-weight knit fabrics to heavy-weight fleece and wool. I sometimes use the walking foot (a type of presser foot that feeds the fabric evenly) that came with the machine, and I love the result, especially when sewing just one layer of light-weight knits or sewing appliqués. 


Earlier this year I met two lovely women, Marie and Jessika, who work with Janome Scandinavia and BabyLock Nordic, or should I say the company that distributes these brand (and Elna) in Scandinavia: Scandinavian Home Products. I introduced myself and my company, saying I really like their products and brand, and that I wanted to become an ambassador for them. Having used a Janome sewing machine and a cover for a couple of years, knowing I liked their products, I felt that this was a brand that I'd like to collaborate with.

Turns out I could have saved my speech because they were already familiar with Threads by Caroline and liked my products and brand. And as much as I wanted to collaborate with them, they wanted to collaborate with me. How awesome!

So going forward I'll be showing you more of the sewing machines that I've got, what I like about them and so on. I'll also make sure to tell you about my new serger, the BabyLock Acclaim.

Of course there are other awesome sewing machine brands as well ;) But I can only tell you about the machines that I've chosen and have experience in. 

What kind of sewing machine or overlock are you using? What do you like about them?