Hemming with lace

Hemming with lace


The Olivia dress features a circle skirt, and I think adding a lace hem to that is beautiful, and can actually be easier/faster than making a regular hem. Hemming with lace can be done in several ways, here I describe one of them.

Do keep your “Olivia description” at hand and it will be easier to follow along. In step 22 of that description you’re supposed to sew the two side seams of the skirt. But now we only sew one of the sides, and save the other for later.


  1. Lay the lace on top of the fabric, right sides together. Pin.
  2. Sew with a narrow zigzag stitch or a serger (remove or deactivate the knife so as not to cut the lace).
  3. Fold the lace over, and press. The seam allowance should be pressed up towards the skirt.
  4. Sew a straight stitch, twin needle stitch, or use a coverlock (whichever you prefer). Sew on the right side, through the fabric and the seam allowance.
  5. Press again.
  6. Now to the side seam that we left open. Put the skirt right sides together and be sure to match up the hemline neatly so that the lace matches nicely (As you can see in my picture, it’s not always so easy :)). Pin and sew with a narrow zigzag stitch, or serger.

There, now you can move on to step 23 in the Olivia description, and then your dress is done!

Note: the lace that I used in this example is not stretchy, but I don’t think it matters on the hem of a circle skirt, you won’t be needing stretch there.

Good luck!