Fabric & supplies for Billy & Betty bomber jacket

Fabric & supplies for Billy & Betty bomber jacket

We're getting really close to the release of our new sewing pattern, the Billy & Betty bomber jacket! We know many are eager to sew and want to prepare their fabrics and other materials needed. So here it is! The fabric & materials requirements list.


  • Fabric: The pattern is designed for medium to heavy weight knit fabrics such as french terry/college with 10-40% stretch. Use the stretch guide in the pattern to evaluate your fabric. For the following pattern pieces we instead recommend:
    JERSEY (10-40% stretch): Neckline strip, welt, pocket bag, shoulder flutter. The zipper facing will also look more neat in jersey, but heavier fabric is fine too.
    RIBB (70-80% stretch): Waistband, collar, sleeve cuffs.

  • 1 separating zipper, plastic or metal: (if you’re choosing that variant): see length below. Get a zipper that is rather too long than too short. In the tutorial we show you how you can easily shorten your zipper. If you’re shortening it you’ll need: pliers, side nippers and two zipper stops.

  • Snap buttons 10-15 mm in diameter (if you’re choosing that variant): approx. 5-10 buttons depending on size and your preference.

  • Iron-on interfacing: To stabilize the fabric if you’re using attaching snap buttons (on the button placket or welt pockets).

  • Sewing machine needle: Don’t forget to use the right needle for your fabric, for knit fabrics a stretch needle is usually recommended.

  • Other useful tools: glue marker and/or wonder tape are very useful tools if you’re sewing the zipper.


The fabric requirement below is an estimation for 150 cm (60”) wide fabrics, not preshrunk. We recommend you to add 20 cm (8”) extra if you’re purchasing new fabric for this project. The zipper doesn’t need to have the exact length above, but it shouldn’t be shorter. In the tutorial we show you how to shorten a zipper.

Note. The fabric requirements for each individual piece of the color block version are not specified, see instead fabric requirement for bomber jacket with waistband.