Attach a fur ball to a beanie

Attach a fur ball to a beanie

Hey guys! I'm so happy that so many are liking my new sewing pattern! Thank you so much for your support and feedback, it's very encouraging!

My favourite way to spruce up a simple beanie is to attach a fur ball or pompom at the top. And now I'm gonna show you how to! It's super easy!


Bring out a finished beanie and a fur ball, as well as needle and thread of a matching color. 

This (fake) fur ball that I'm using is from and it has a loop underneath that I will use to attach to the beanie. 

Attach the thread to the beanie by bringing the threaded needle through the center of the top about 2-3 times. Start from the inside of the beanie. 
Take out your fur ball and bring the needle through its loop and through the beanie several times until the ball is secure. Finish by attaching the thread on the inside of the beanie by stitching a couple of times to the seam allowance on the inside. 
And it's done!