A0 format now on all patterns

A0 format now on all patterns

We're so happy that we're now able to include A0-format to our PDF-patterns! This printing option means to print one large sheet, so there's no need for trimming the pages and taping them together. Some may have large format printers at home, but you could also turn to a copy shop and order a print out of the pattern. 

If you purchase a PDF pattern from us you'll now receive 3 PDF files:

- The tutorial 

- The pattern in A4/letter format for home printing

- The pattern in A0 format (or in some cases A1 or A2) 


The large format pattern may not be shared with others! It is for personal home sewing only and cannot be copied or distributed! 

Previous orders will also receive A0

Anyone who has purchased a PDF pattern from www.threadsbycaroline.com will automatically receive a new e-mail with a download link to their files, and then the A0 pattern will be included among those files. This will happen during the following days. We ask for your patience :)

When you've opened the files, you need to save them on your computer or other device. And please do make a safety copy as well :) We cannot undertake to always store your files.

If you've purchased a PDF pattern from our Etsy shop we are sorry but we can't send the A0 files automatically. Please send us an e-mail and write:

- That you'd like to receive the A0 files.

- Your order number (include all order numbers if you've purchased several times) 

- Your name


For some patterns it will be 2 A0 sheets to print, but they don't have to be taped together. For other patterns that are smaller they might fit on an A1 or A2 sheet. A calibration square is included on all sheets so please ask the copy shop to make sure they print to scale. 

A0 = 841 mm x 1189 mm

A1 = 594 mm x 841 mm

A2 = 420 mm x 594 mm